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Recent Exhibitions:
eine art galerie, Neuwied, Germany

(Dec. 2019 – Jan. 2020)

Representation in Europe:
eine art galerie


Eine Art Gallery

Ewa Kujawska was born and raised in Wroclaw, Poland, where she graduated with a Masters Degree in Painting, Graphics and Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Art. In 1986 Ewa came to Canada where she has been living and creating art ever since, using primarily oil, acrylics and her own mixed-media techniques.

“My mixed media works reflect not only surrounding realities but also my very personal fascination of them while being also an exploration of spirit-mind-art connections.”

Her studio practice has been influenced by the artistic climate in Wroclaw, and later by her travels through the Sahara Desert in Algeria, the Australian East Coast, Thailand’s mountains, and by her constant connections with Canadian nature.

“…my work is not only a continuation of where I have been and what I have seen, but also on something between intuition and consciousness, spontaneity and thought”

Ewa has a long history of exhibitions and participation in various cultural and artistic events. Her works have been exhibited in Canada, France, Germany, the USA, Morocco, Greece, and Poland, by galleries, private collectors and corporations. She has received numerous awards and distinctions in Canada and abroad. She was represented by the Societé de Développement en Art Contemporain (Sodarco) in Montreal after receiving the Special Merit Award at the “Grand Prix International de Montréal” (1992) and in 1993 the 1st Prize at the “Reflet d’art d’ici aet d’ailleurs”competition organized by Sodarco). In 2003 Ewa was a finalist of the “Painting of the year 2002” competition, organized by the art magazine “Art & Business” in Poland. Her work was exhibited in the National Museum – Królikarnia Branch in Warsaw.

In the late nineties Gallery 7 in Toronto and Caelum Gallery in New York displayed her art, among many other galleries. In 2001 Ewa attended the International Gibraltar Point Artist Residency Program in Toronto, after being selected by both the Canadian Artists Representation (CARFAC) and Toronto Artscape. She has also been asked to serve as a juror for various events including the Mixed Media Artists Shows in Ottawa. In 2004 Ewa joined the City of Ottawa’s Stafford Studios and Gallery at the Nepean Creative Art Centre where she displays her works every year in both solo and group exhibitions.

Since 2011, she has also been exhibiting her works at the Artist Studio Program (ASP) Gallery. Ewa has been a member of the Canadian Artists Representation (CARFAC Ontario) since the beginning of her artistic career in Canada (1986), and later joined the Ottawa Art Gallery. For over fifteen years she has been represented by Calligrammes Gallery (Ottawa), and recently by the virtual art gallery ÉFÉ – galerie d’art virtuelle at http://galerieartefe.ca.

Current exhibition statement

It happens when the primary focus of my work is directed toward the process of painting itself. The images emerge, and colours, shapes and the material I used to create my paintings lead to new experiences. Works start to speak about my connections to the world. “Where are we going”, ” It Happens”, “Silent Persistence” are the examples of the series in which I am finding my way to capture the ” instability of things ” with their own power but also magic and poetry. I do believe that during this kind of the process of creation there is a chance to discover ourselves, reveal connections between the physical and spiritual worlds and to communicate with others. Art gives me also an opportunity to explore and communicate the dilemmas we are all facing today.

February 2018

Ewa Kujawska’s work is a continuation of where she has been and what she has experienced, reflecting surrounding realities and her fascination with their memories, energy and hidden beauty. She likes to work in experimental and expressive manners.

“I see the nature as a dynamic principle that holds the world of living together. The raw energy of the materials that I use to create my paintings with, feels like just waiting for me.

I concentrate particularly on the act of making and then images emerge out of the painting process itself. Colours and shapes evolve from the “rhythms” of the surface.

Stones, shells, sand and found objects all form the integral part of the ground work while colours, shapes and textures interact with each other.

I feel free to allow gestures of paint to attached objects and I trust my intuition in making my art and paintings evolve from the rhythm of the surface.

Colour, the emotional response to colour, and the hues, which can be observed in nature, have always been important to me. Their richness and ever-changing nature coupled with their reliance on light has always fascinated me and remains a significant source of inspiration for me. The richness of surfaces and textures which I achieved in some of my latest works provided me with the opportunity to create a three dimensional painting which, while it still remains technically a painting, can take advantage of light from outside sources which then penetrates it, enriching and changing at the same time.

Thus, in my most recent works, the theme of the painting becomes the light itself – possible because of the manipulation of the texture and its structure. The light “internally” awakens the material of the painting, bringing it to life, while building its theme, and the spontaneously materializing forms allow me the possibility to interpret it either subjectively or objectively.

However, the perception of our reality does not necessarily have to be based on concrete one time visual experience. For my work is not only a continuation of where I have been and what I have seen, but also on something between intuition an consciousness, spontaneity and thought.

Beginning of a new painting is a leap into the unknown when the energy just passes through me to appear on my work. I believe that art is a reliable tool of the true world cognition and self discovery, a state of mind and a state of being. Through art we communicate and expand ourselves. I would like to continue both my work and my ”journey” and share them with others.”

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